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The Digital Access to Collections project is an initiative of GLAM Peak – the peak representative bodies of the galleries, libraries, archives, historical societies and museums sectors in Australia – which began meeting in mid-2015, collaborating to enable people to access, use and build on our national collections.

Terms of reference

  1. This is a core group of collection sector peak bodies, plus invited representatives from major institutions already running national infrastructure (or those not easily represented by the peak bodies) and organisations representing smaller institutions.
  2. Our focus is digital access.
  3. The primary purpose is to clarify a shared vision and approach to digital access to Australia’s cultural collections through the development of a national framework.
  4. The secondary purpose is to enable dialogue and nurture partnerships across all three tiers of government and with the private and not-for-profit sectors.
  5. Within the scope of the group, we will advise and advocate on issues that are relevant to all, or the majority of, participants.

Peak bodies

The initiative has been driven by the Australian Museums and Galleries Association and National and State Libraries Australasia, with support from the Australian Library and Information Association. Participants include:

National participating institutions

The peak bodies’ members include state, territory and local institutions as well as major national institutions: the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, CSIRO, the National Archives of Australia, National Film and Sound Archive of Australia, National Gallery of Australia and National Library of Australia.