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In 2017-2018, the second stage of the Digital Access to Collections project is focusing on disseminating information and engaging with institutions across all jurisdictions about Digital Access to Collections.

Ten workshops will be delivered in regional centres across Australia, targeting small- to medium-sized collecting organisations to increase their confidence and knowledge of digitisation and digital access. The workshops are aimed at the staff and volunteers from small- to medium-sized non-metropolitan collecting organisations or bodies, including: galleries, libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, Returned Service Leagues, sporting clubs, indigenous keeping places, and community groups.

Our Technology Partners, consisting of software and hardware suppliers, web aggregators and online sharing platforms, will support the workshops by providing participants with access to technological and digital expertise and advice.

A grants program will support participation in the workshops and/or set organisations up to commence digitising their collections. 

The workshops will be supported by online educational and training materials, while the Digital Access to Collections Toolkit will be enhanced through practical application and feedback received through the workshops. 

Feedback from the workshop will also inform the development of Digital Plans. State/Territory Digital Plans are a key recommended strategy in the draft national framework. GLAM Peak bodies will collaborate to inform and help guide their development.

Technology Partners

GLAM Peak is able to deliver the second stage of Digital Access to Collections with funding from the Catalyst Australian Arts and Culture Fund and substantial support and in-kind funding by the GLAM Peak bodies and our Technology Partners.

If there are any enquires about the workshops or the second stage of the project, please contact us. 

Wendy Quihampton, project manager
Lucinda Davison, trainer: