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What are the Digital Access to Collections Grants?

The Digital Access to Collections Grants are offered in conjunction with the Digital Access to Collections workshops to enable small- to medium-sized non-metropolitan GLAM organisations to:
•    participate in the workshops, or
•    set their organisations up to commence digitising their collections. 

A total funding pool of $4,400 is available per workshop. Grants are for $550 (inclusive of GST) per organisation.

If all funds per workshop are not expended, a further grants round for technology grants will be offered to participants on the conclusion of all workshops.

Who can apply?
Staff or volunteers from not-for-profit small- to medium-sized collecting organisations or bodies, including: galleries, libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, Returned Service Leagues, sporting clubs, indigenous keeping places, and community groups.

What can be funded?
•    Travel to and from the workshop – airfares, rail, bus fares 
•    Accommodation for 2 nights near the venue for the workshop 
•    Hardware – scanners, cameras, photographic lights, tents, cubes, shooting tables, storage, etc.
•    Software – photographic edit software, etc.

Guidelines for the grants can be downloaded as a pdf here: PDF iconGLAM_Peak_grant_guidelines.pdf
Or the Guidelines are available as a MSWord document here: FileGLAM_Peak_grant_guidelines.docx

How to apply?
Applications must be submitted using the GLAM Peak Digital Access to Collections’ application form. 

In your application, you must provide all the information requested to be considered for funding. This will include:

  • How you wish to use the grant
  • What the benefit will be to your organisation
  • What your organisation's current experience is with collections and digitisation processes
  • What your personal experience is with collections and digitisation processes
  • Endorsement by the most senior person in your organisation 

Application forms can be found as a pdf here: PDF iconGLAM_Peak_application_form.pdf
Application forms can be found as a MSWord document here: FileGLAM_Peak_application_form.docx

Current Timeframes
Workshop:        Geelong 27-28 February 2018
Grants process open from 18 December, 2017
Grants process closes 5 February, 2018
Notification by 16 February, 2018

Information will be updated for future workshops.

The Digital Access to Collections project is an initiative of GLAM Peak, funded through the Catalyst Australian Arts and Culture Fund, with substantial support and in-kind funding by the GLAM Peak bodies and our Technology Partners.