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Victorian Collections

Victorian Collections is a free, web-based collections management system that allows you to publish your records online. It is a complete and industry-standard cataloguing tool for cultural organisations of all shapes and sizes. Hundreds of groups have contributed to its growing database of objects, creating a central portal to Victoria’s rich cultural heritage and diverse histories.

The project is backed by ongoing support and training programs throughout metropolitan and regional Victoria, which help organisations to unlock the potential of digital collections without the cost.

Victorian Collections is not just for museum professionals. Whether you are a student, researcher or a history enthusiast, you can browse tens of thousands of objects from around the state. Discover hidden gems and uncover unexpected links between Victoria’s distributed collections. Delve into stories of our shared past, hone your research skills or join the conversation by curating your own online exhibition.

Download more information here: PDF icon Victorian-Collections-Flyer-Peacock.pdf

Download the very helpful resource "Recording your story: Collecting oral histories" by Museums Australia Victoria here: PDF icon Recording_Your_Story_-_Oral_History_Kit.pdf