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About Recollect

Recollect is an online Community Engagement Platform that makes your content easy to find and access, enabling you to reach out and empower your stakeholder communities. Recollect lets you build your identity, enrich your collections, capture and manage new content and discuss new ideas.


By connecting all content through descriptive data (metadata) Recollect brings information to the surface more intuitively by creating a virtual breadcrumb trail through your collection. As a smart Collection Management System you have all your data in the one place, allowing for unlimited operational opportunities and reporting. Integrated with search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques and tools, your Recollect site features high in search results making your content easier for users to find on the internet.


Access means being able to view all types of content in one platform, allowing users to go straight to the content as they need. It is more than being able to view a thumbnail, Recollect ensures that content is accessible to the user in as much detail as you choose. Documents are OCR’d on ingest, making the content searchable; images can be stored and viewed at maximum resolutions using pan and zoom tools or downloaded in a size that makes sense; audio and video content can be bookmarked and tagged to make information searchable and easier to access. 3D image files can be seen and manipulated to allow users to see everything.


Communities and stakeholders hold knowledge and content that can enrich your collections when contributions are managed effectively. Recollect provides many tools that enable users to share their knowledge and discoveries with their peers and to provide contributions to collections. From recollections, tagging content, providing suggested corrections to providing new items of content or knowledge, Recollect enables a carefully moderated environment that ensures owners retain integrity in their collections, while their communities engage!


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