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IST is a family owned, Australian business based in Perth, serving customers wherever they are. “Customer Service” is paramount to us - both before and after sales service is our top priority. To achieve this, we listen & value all feedback - EVERY question goes into our “feedback” process.  

Providing software, consultancy and training direct to our customers, we pride ourselves on keeping in touch and continually feeding your wishes back into our software improvements.

Collections MOSAiC or, MOSAiC, as it is more fondly known, was developed in the mid 1990’s and is a firm favourite Australia wide. 
MOSAiC is suited to museums, historical societies, galleries etc., of all sizes. MOSAiC is a comprehensive item cataloguing system that encompasses background stories and allows inclusion of unlimited multi-media; images; documents; oral histories and more. Upload to the web with just a few clicks.