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The Collection Bug

The Collecting Bug is a new generation web-based CMS (Collection Management System) for smaller museums, heritage societies and galleries. Digital access for your collection has never been easier. Being totally cloud-based, records can be kept private or published online through The Collecting Bug, through your own website, on Trove…or all three!

The Collecting Bug is especially user-friendly, with intuitive navigation and powerful search and data management. While conforming to industry standards, it is also customisable for different styles of collections. Records can include multiple images, oral histories, maps, and documents. There is an integrated module that allows you to easily create themed lightbox photographic exhibitions re-using your records.

Being cloud-based, you can have as many users on multiple devices as you want, 24/7 access from anywhere, and published records are Google searchable. There is no software, updates, or backups to worry about, and data is easy to import and export using open data standards.

Download some information here: PDF icon Collecting_Bug_-_The_powerful_new_CMS_3.pdf

Download the very helpful resource "Photographing your collection" by Philip Moorhouse from The Collecting Bug here:PDF icon Photographing_Your_Collectables_-_Philip_Moorhouse.pdf